About Kailin

Kailin is a big believer in development. Being passionate, inspirational, perspicacious, and vision-oriented, she is missioned to help individuals develop continuously in their career, leadership, and self, across the life span. As an organization development consultant, she specializes in: leadership development, work motivation, team diversity, employee engagement, learning and development.

Kailin has over 15 years work experience in Silicon Valley in the hi-tech industry and corporate environments across various job functions including technical marketing, business development, sales enablement, program management and software engineering.

Kailin believes that everyone is born with innate strengths that should be discovered and maximized in order to strive for a meaningful career and to achieve self-actualization. She is enthusiastic and insightful in assisting people construct their own life-career stories in ways that heed the call of the heart with a holistic view and authentic self-knowledge.

With an innovative mind in her profession, Kailin has developed several new models such as Motivation Intelligence, Diamond Team, and Complementary Leadership Development. As an honorable winner, Kailin is invited to present her scholarly paper Toward a Theory of Motivation Intelligence for Leaders at the Organization Development Network's annual conference in Philadelphia, 2014.

KW Consultant Kailin Wang

Combining her innate abilities in understanding human behaviors, her professional experience in the industry, and the knowledge and training in organizational psychology, Kailin has been providing consulting services for organizations and government in Taiwan. She also has been invited to speak at many top universities international schools in China and Taiwan.

Outside professional work, Kailin is very active in the Chinese community of the San Francisco Bay area volunteering considerable amount of time and effort for Christian organizations and ministries. She organized large-scale conferences, started, designed, and executed public media programs in the role of strategic leader and producer. She also initiated, organized and has been leading the very first and only Chinese-musicians orchestra in the Bay Area that has been invited to perform in many formal occasions and concerts.

Having attending the best schools all the way from Taipei First Girls’ High School (an elite incubator for the female leaders of the country), National Tsinghua University (Chinese equivalent of MIT), and University of Texas in Austin (majored in E.E. ranked top 10 in USA), Kailin has been recognized as an intelligent, focused, and result-achieving individual anywhere she works.

Many people describe her as:
“A sharp, smart, and versatile person who combines rationality and creativity.”
“An influential and efficient leader who always cares about people.”

Kailin is the author of the following books published in Taiwan:

How To Be Communication Savvy -- Tips for 16 Types (2013)

A tool for communicating with different people effectively by quickly grabbing clues about their personality traits, knowing what will make them motivated or irritated, understanding their communication styles, and predicting their reactions under stress.

Decoding Personalities in 30 Minutes (2012)

More than just an introductory book to MBTI ® that explains the theory, the origin and descriptions of 16 types, this book includes Kailin’s original thoughts from her first-hand experience, practices and reflections on applying psychological types in our daily lives.

You Are My Black Hair (2012)

A beautifully-made collection of Kailin’s artistic work that shows her talents in poetry, drawings, photography, music composition and cello playing.

An Asian Woman’s Adventurous Career at Cisco (2010)

Consisting of many interesting true stories, this book gives people a peek at how it is like working for a Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley, the world’s center of technology. It includes the personal experience on how Kailin transitioned her career from engineering to marketing and management, as well as what she has learned in a large corporate environment -- not just to survive but to thrive. This book also touched some history of Cisco’s ups and downs that she has witnessed during the years 1998 - 2008.

KW Consultant Kailin Wang


  • Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology

  • Certified MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Master practitioner including Step I & Step II

  • Certified Strong Interest Inventory ® practitioner

  • Certified Career Development and Transition Coach

  • Certified PMP® (Project Management Professional)

  • Certified Risk Management professional

  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Member of American Psychological Association

  • Member of CPA (California Psychological Association)

  • Member of SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology)

  • Member of ODN (Organization Development Network)

  • Member of Society of Consulting Psychology

  • Member of APTi (Association for Psychological Type International)

  • Member of NCDA (National Career Development Association)

  • Member of ASTD (American Society of Training & Development)

  • M.S. in Organizational Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology

  • M.S. in E.E., University of Texas at Austin (1996)

  • B.S. in E.E., National Tsinghua University, Taiwan (1993)

  • Recommendation

    From the beginning it was clear to me that Kailin was not your typical career coach or consultant. She has the professional knowledge and training in psychology, especailly in personality, as well as abundant experiences in applying them to real-life settings and helping others.

    Just being trained and certified in the MBTI® is not enough. It takes a very clear, logical mind, lots of practice, and a natural insight into people and human behavior. All of these qualities I found in Kailin.

    In my line of work, I meet a lot of people who have been trained in the Myers-Briggs, but not many truly know and understand the theory and are able to use it effectively. Kailin’s understanding of Type runs deep. Kailin has the natural ability to understand the concepts and theories as well as the innate ability to understand people and human behavior. Essentially her brain is wired for this.

    Also, I’ve observed that many career coaches don’t have actual industrial/commercial/business career experience where they worked on the front line and had to perform well on the job, achieve their goals, and get along with people in highly competitive work environments. Kailin thus is a different career coach who aims to reach out and help people by bringing to them both her expertise in Personality Type and hi-tech work experience. Kailin begins to fulfill her mission of bringing Personality Type to the Chinese population. Combining her background in high tech, her understanding of Chinese culture, and with a clear understanding of Personality Type, Kailin makes Personality Type more accessible and easier to understand.

    Michael Robinson 

    May 2012 In Silicon Valley, California 
    VP of Operations, International Rectifier Semiconductor
    President & Founder of Career Planner Inc.